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Crocodile Tears

Experimenting with the refraction of light through difficult materials during high quality rendering.

The use of effective lighting is one of the biggest factors that can make a render look stunning. However, some materials can be tricky to work with within a virtual environment. As an experiment, I decided to try and create a difficult situation to render, I eventually landed on the idea of creating a bottle of perfume made from glass where you could see the liquid inside. This would require lots of adjusting to get it to look realistic as well as aesthetic.

For the direction of the branding, I really liked the fact that it would be fake and didn't want to hide it so instead decided to play off it. After building a render around a proverb previously, it only felt right to turn this brand into a pun as well. This is where the concept of using the phrase "crocodile tears" came from to represent this fake liquid. The bottle design created in fusion 360 linked into the brand through the use of minimalistic and clean lizard scales, after this the label was made to look like a ripoff of Chanel no. 5 to add to the knockoff feel.

After creating the 3D models (credit to ahmad4k for the original Crocodile model) and graphics, the next stage was assembling the composition. To make the shot look more dynamic, I tilted the bottle so that it looked like it was in motion. Because of this, the angle of the liquid needed to be changed again back in the original 3D modeling software and then imported into the rendering program Adobe Dimension.

Finaly I began creating quick renders to iterate on how the light effected the scene. This included manipulating the position, intensity and colour of the lighting. After a while of playing with this, I also began to change the properties of the materials used like the density, refraction rate and even the colour of the internal structure. This gave the most drastic changes that lead to a more interesting and realistic result once everything came together.

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