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Developing a brand and identity for a collective of designers focused on making lighting products.

When exploring and researching lighting, a group of designers and myself decided to create a collective to support each other and provide a clearer direction for any concepts that we wished to create within this industry. My interests are always in simplifying a process for a user so that it is as easy as possible, just before agreeing to join my mind was focused on the anglepoise lamp. Its mechanism (see my drawing below) is perfectly balanced so that the position of the light can be moved just by pushing it.

Whilst I would still be working towards my goal of this, having a clearer direction on the type of consumers, aesthetics and costs would be useful. Once the group was formed I focused mostly on the brand name, logo and colour palette. Our brand focus became creating and enhancing narrative, hence the name Stori, and adopted natural materials as a textured palette rather than any specific colour palette. In addition, a strong tie to paper as a material came from the link that stories have to books. This would be very impactful to my own lighting work within this collective that you can view here.

We colated our work into a single document so that we could use it as a guide to help focus our output. For this I created all brand content including the philosophy, logo, the brand in context and then photographed the unique backgrounds for the whole document (Other work including web design, user profiling and named content was not created or owned by me).

Stori Presentation
Download PDF • 7.55MB

Finaly as a build up to creating lighting designs together, I created a few extra touches for the brand. One was an animated logo that showed different coloured layers of paper being pealed back like the layers of a story. The other had been posters inspired by the anglepoise lamp eluding to the introduction of our work that I placed up around the local area.

Project Gallery

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